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Trauma and PTSD Counseling

Therapy for trauma and PTSDTrauma, PTSD, and Recovery

With so many war veterans returning after serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, the topic of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and how to heal from it is more prominent than ever. For those who were abused or severely neglected as children, the symptoms related to PTSD are familiar and in some cases have been debilitating throughout their lives. We experienced trauma as a nation when 9/11 hit, and many others experience it when they receive devastating news, suffer domestic violence, have a serious car accident, or some other brush with death.

Depending on the duration and severity of the trauma, PTSD and its symptoms can be intense but short-lived, or they can last a lifetime and do long-term emotional damage if not addressed. Psychotherapy can lead to a greater ability to manage, diminish, or potentially eliminate the symptoms.


To live with trauma, you must be able to push it aside.  To heal from it, you must be ready to face it.”

– Adrian Medina, MFT


My preferred method for treating survivors of trauma is through EMDR. It has more research behind it to demonstrate its efficacy than any other treatment for PTSD. EMDR counseling is a specialized modality where rapid eye movement, the same kind we do in deep REM sleep and which has been associated with the processing and resolution of trauma, is facilitated in a controlled session. EMDR basically allows the brain to revisit those old frozen memories and move them through the psyche to a place of resolution and release. It’s painless and easy to do, and you’re awake and not hypnotized! Truly, it has been wonderfully rewarding for both my clients and me as their years of nightmares, panic attacks, and anxiety fade away.

When a trauma survivor takes positive action to cope with the symptoms of PTSD, he or she often gains or regains a sense of personal power and control over past events as well as current symptom-related issues caused by the trauma. Using psychotherapy and EMDR, I’d like to help you reclaim your life and achieve the healing you want and deserve.

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