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The First Step

Family Therapist San Jose

If you’ve decided you need help making changes in your life, I congratulate you for taking the first step. That’s huge.


Making a Change

Now you need to figure out which changes to make and how to make them. Pretty huge too, and usually pretty hard to do on your own. Often, we begin by confiding in our friends, spouses, or other family members. Sometimes they give great advice, but more often than not it misses the mark (despite being well-intended). It may be just support and encouragement, the suggestions may not be viable, or different people may provide conflicting opinions. In contrast, therapy or counseling is a process that can help you find the answers within yourself — which is where the truth usually lies anyway.


Approaching Therapy

Therapy is not an easy process. It involves taking a look at old habits, i.e. unconscious patterns of behavior and/or thinking that we’d rather not look at. If you have a history of trauma as well, you may feel overwhelmed by fear at the idea of revisiting such painful memories from the past, even if doing so will ultimately heal those wounds you’ve carried with you. It is natural and normal to feel apprehensive when considering undertaking the process of psychotherapy. It takes courage and commitment, a decision to reclaim your life and make it the joyful, fulfilling experience it can be.


Next Steps

When you are ready to create change, any change, I’d like to help. Be it finding a better work/life balance, enhancing relationships, resolving marital or family conflict, dealing with depression and/or anxiety, healing from trauma, or improving communication skills, I am here to help you live your best life. With counseling I see individuals, couples, and families become much happier and healthier all the time. This is why I love the work I do. It is an honor and a pleasure to help you and yours live your most rewarding life possible. So give me a call or send me an email. Let me help you learn to create powerful and lasting change!

Why Psychotherapy?