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Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is for a Lasting Betterment

Deciding to change the way we think, feel and behave is rarely easy. Change can be scary. It causes us to leave our comfort zones — what we’re used to — whether what we’re used to has worked for us or not.

While we might wish other people could be the ones to change, it doesn’t usually happen that way. If we want a better life, we have to be willing to step up and, as Gandhi said, “Be the change we wish to see.” Seeking therapy — for ourselves, our marriage, or our family — is an effective way to do just that. And I’d like to help.

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Psychotherapy can help let go of beliefs and behaviors that aren’t beneficial.

Over the course of my 20+ years as a mental health professional, I’ve worked with people from very diverse backgrounds. My clients have included business owners, doctors, clergy, gardeners, engineers, musicians, athletes, and even other therapists. They speak English or Spanish, sometimes both. As a bilingual therapist, so do I (and my Spanglish is excellent!).

Whether married or single, gay or straight, young or old, many clients tried just about everything to avoid the obstacles in their lives before deciding therapy was their best solution. But personal growth and change mean coming face-to-face with our fears. And while most of us would rather avoid the pain of confronting things that are hard for us, it is in overcoming our fears and doing the work of changing that we find happiness, success, and wellness.

Psychotherapy allows for Self-reflection

While it’s often easy to spot the problems of others, i.e. the areas where they’ve made poor choices or gotten stuck in self-perpetuating cycles, we rarely possess the same clarity and objectivity about issues in our own lives. If recognizing our own problems and fixing them were that easy, we would have figured it out by now!

Psychotherapy can help you recognize and let go of those unconscious patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you. Counseling services provided by a trained professional can help you see and change your assumptions about yourself and the world, challenge negative internal scripts, and remove self-defeating patterns. You CAN make positive change and live a life worth celebrating!

I congratulate you for recognizing the need for help and taking the first step towards changing your life for the better. I am here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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